Targa florio 2017 prove speciali

101st Targa Florio, the ?Classic? is ready to start

targa florio 2017 prove speciali

101° RALLY TARGA FLORIO - Shakedown

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Targa Florio and its classic cars' tradition is well represented by the competition of cars built before Targa Florio Classic is a historic regularity race which recalls significant parts of motorsport history. As it should be, this prestigious competition hosts many prominent brands with their exclusive models. It is deeply felt by the specialists of this kind of race where a full harmony between car and crew is crucial. Also, the race gives the opportunity to discover several nice and evocative places of Sicily, driving through fascinating territories and landscapes. The grand finale is on the Madonie mountains touching the towns linked to the famous race on the "Grande", "Medio" and "Piccolo" Madonie Circuit.

Ninety-six crews out of a total of are announced from April 20 to 23 on the roads of the legendary "Cursa" for the first round of the Grandi Eventi Italian Championship and the Ferrari Tribute The st Targa Florio, to be held in Sicily from April 20 to 23, was presented in the elegant Palazzo Comitini, in the Palermo city center, by the race organizers Automobile Club Palermo and Automobile Club d'Italia. In total, over crews are announced in the event, including Targa Florio international and historic rally and the historic regularity competition with both the Targa Florio Classic, first round of the Grandi Eventi Italian Championship, and the Ferrari Tribute with a total of 96 entries. During the same day, back on the Ionian Sea coast, competition reaches Aci Castello, goes to Catania, stops there at the University and then moves on to the inland up to the Autodromo di Pergusa, one of the most popular European track and scene of many international events during the years. Last transfer of the day is from the historycal circuit back to Palermo. Saturday is dedicated to the Madonie roads and to the beauties of their towns, synonym of Targa Florio, with an obliged passage at the Floriopoli grandstands.

This exhaustive report, approximately pages of documentation, features factory test and race reports, technical correspondence, engineering notes and modifications, as well as a comprehensive history. Dicing primarily with the SEFAC and Filipinetti Ferrari Ss, although those were in another class altogether with twelve-cylinder engines rather than eight. Porsche took the top two positions, with chassis coming in shortly behind Vic Elford and Kurt Ahrens Jr. Afterwards, chassis was retained by the factory for further testing, specifically to test a solid rear suspension. The car had gained rear fins in an effort to add to its aerodynamic stability. At this time, the car was involved in an accident, although no details regarding the reason or extent of the damage are known.

1970 Porsche 908/03

The brand's most successful racing season: Nerve-jangling final race: the 1955 Targa Florio

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1956 Aston Martin DBR1




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