Trollbeads black friday 2017

Black Friday Bead, Shimmer Royal

trollbeads black friday 2017

Trollbeads Black Friday Bead. Shimmer Royal is the Trollbeads Black Friday bead. This limited edition faceted beauty, is a sparkling, deep blue bead.


If you are looking to purchase Beads and Jewelry, then you will love this post, because one of your favorite stores, Trollbeads, which is selling original beads in , which is such a long time and to survive for that much time, they have done a number of changes. But today, we have something sepcial for you, and that special thing is, Trollbeads Black Friday Deals, which has been released now and you can save a good amount of money while opting for your favorite jewelry or beads from Trollbeads store. And these black friday deals are not like those regular offers, as this sale has much high discount available for you, so if you really want to save money and get your favorite beads, then this is the best time to do so. Bracelets are one of the top things that people buy each year, and if you have sale like black friday you can even gift bracelets without having a second though in your mind as the prices go down considerably during the sale. Necklaces do come at heavier prices during the normal shopping days, but this time you can buy leather necklace or pendants or fantasy necklaces which you can only found at Trollbeads. Have a nice weekend.

By photos I can already tell this will be just as popular as the Wishful Sky set. Trollbeads Shimmer Royal is designed by Lisa Aagaard. This is a faceted glass bead in a majestic blue color with shimmering sparkles throughout. Please note that this is not the same color as the Wishful sky; however, it will complement the set nicely, I think. I am looking forward to seeing this bead in person!

We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Out of stock in UK, very impressive service quickly dispatched and received considering international postage. Very happy to find this bead as uk sold out and no further stock expected. Service from supplier in us was superb, fast service and very courteous. Would not hesitate to use again. This bead and the Wishful Sky are some of the most stunning beads made by Trollbeads. All prices are in USD Copyright trollbeadsakron.

There were a bunch of unique beads and amber beads that had just been shipped to the store for the weekend long event. It took a while but with the help of Karyn and Annie, I was able to narrow down and finally choose what I wanted to take home with me. They are among my favorites to wear because they go with everything. I combined the two amber beads with Baltic Gold on the right and two Hidden Zodiac Rooster silver beads. They look lovely though so I look forward to seeing more pictures of them once they are with their new homes. Love, charmbead.

TGLBE-30026 Trollbeads Shimmer Royal

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  2. In the midst of what becomes a dizzyingly busy time, Tartooful is a calm little eye of the hurricane, where we still enjoy pampering each and every customer… so it makes us particularly happy when Black Friday comes and we can offer a wonderful treat, at a sweet little price!

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