Bmw s 1000 rr 2017

BMW S 1000 RR

bmw s 1000 rr 2017

In , a non-street legal, track-only variant, the HP4 Race was added, made in a limited production run of units.

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This new generation Double R follows the same design criteria as its forebears, and though there are differences, they are rather subtle. Not a big difference, but one that will leap out at someone familiar with the previous design. The pilot seat and p-pad also received a bit of attention, and the pad can be hidden beneath an optional cover that enhances the race-bike curb appeal. An aluminum, bridge-type frame carries the engine at a degree angle and uses it as a stressed member to close the loop. The frame underwent a significant revamp for this new generation with a half-degree reduction in the steering head for a shorter

Weight on the BMW S RR was reduced nearly nine pounds to , and the chassis geometry was refined for better handling. And the electronic updates were endless. This updates quickly became a favorite at Ultimate Motorcycling; besides being easy to ride quick at the track and aesthetically pleasing, the S RR also provided ultimate street comfort. The S RR remained relatively unchanged for , but this changes for the model. Following are the seven updates to the new S RR:. The new RR now as standard as a single-seat model with passenger seat cover.

BMW made 1, SRRs in to satisfy World Superbike homologation requirements, but expanded production for commercial sale of the bike in It has a standard anti-lock braking system , with an optional electronic traction control. The bike came factory fitted with ABS and dynamic traction control, a first for road-going superbike at the time. On top of this, it came standard with three riding modes Wet, Sport and Race with an additional riding mode Slick available only after connecting a dongle, that you received with the bike, to a special jack under the seat. It was also the first production motorcycle to offer an optional quick shifter.

BMW made a grand entry into the litre-class sports bike segment when it rode in the S RR in Even though the German bikemaker had no experience of making sports bikes, its S RR made a smashing entry as it even won every major sports bike comparisons. The bike was updated to adhere to the new Euro 4 emission norms and launched in India when BMW Motorrad officially entered the Indian two-wheeler space. This asymmetrical styling is also visible on the headlight, fairing and those shark gill like air-scoops that look brilliant. It was its electronic wizardry that helped the German litre-class machine make its mark against its rivals. The version, as expected, has been loaded with all the bells and whistles. There are three riding modes on the standard version - Rain, Sport and Race.

The BMW SRR is purring pussycat and raging cheetah in one, a magic-trick melding of otherworldly performance and pleasant rideability that defies logic as much as it defies physics. Although may represent a fairly minor update for the barnstorming BMW SRR, it's still an absolutely extraordinary machine. Bristling with technology and bulging with power, it's somehow a smooth and easy-riding city commuter when it's not unleashing all kinds of hell on the open road. We spent two days in Tasmania with this apex predator of the supersport motorcycle world. Every time I go to ride a modern superbike on the road, it's like going back to school.

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