Melodi grand prix 2017

Poll: Who should win Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2017?

melodi grand prix 2017

Melodi Grand Prix was the 55th edition of the Norwegian national final Melodi Grand Prix and it selected Norway's.

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Melodi Grand Prix took place in the arena Boxen in Herning with 10 competing acts. Anja has been writing songs since childhood, and since she was 4 she dreamed of standing on a Eurovision stage. She put some of her songs on YouTube, but this is the first time one of her own songs have been published. Anja Nissen was born in Sydney, Australia in to Danish-born parents. She has been competing in several singing competitions, and in she made it to the semi-finals of "Australia's Got Talent", just 12 years old. The peak of her career was until tonight in , where she won the third season of The Voice of Australia with the Black Eyed Peas-member will. Anja feels so much like home in Denmark, and lots of her family lives in Denmark.

Denmark participated in the Eurovision Song Contest Prior to the contest, Denmark had participated in the Eurovision Song Contest forty-five times since their first entry in In the contest , " Soldiers of Love " performed by Lighthouse X failed to qualify Denmark to the final, making it the second consecutive year that Denmark missed out on qualification. The Danish national broadcaster, DR , broadcasts the event within Denmark and organises the selection process for the nation's entry. Ten songs competed in the final, where the winner was determined over two rounds of voting. In the first round, the top 3 songs based on the combination of votes from a public vote and a five-member jury panel qualified to the super-final. In the super-final, the winner was determined as well by the combination of votes from the public and the jury panel.

Norway participated in the Eurovision Song Contest Prior to the Contest, Norway had participated in the Eurovision Song Contest fifty-five times since their first entry in Norway also had the two dubious distinctions of having finished last in the Eurovision final more than any other country and for having the most " nul points " zero points in the contest, the latter being a record the nation shared together with Austria. The country had finished last eleven times and had failed to score a point during four contests. Following the introduction of semi-finals in , Norway has only failed to qualify on three occasions, their most recent failure occurring in Norway with the song " Icebreaker " performed by Agnete.

And what did we encounter? Tattooed naughty girls, women in the woods, ageing rockers and electro upstarts ready to slay. We turned on our camera and filmed our reaction. After difficulties with our first YouTube upload, we decided to remove all the music and then re-upload it music free. If you want to follow along with the songs as we react, simply visit Spotify and pull up the Melodi Grand Prix playlist.

Norway: Songs for Melodi Grand Prix 2017 revealed

Sunstroke Project - Hey Mamma (Moldova) LIVE at the Grand Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

Denmark: Artists for Melodi Grand Prix 2017 revealed

The national selection in Denmark will take place in Boxen in Herning on 25 February with 10 competing acts:. The 10 songs for the contestants will be revealed on 20 February Both artists and songs have been selected by a jury of music professionals, but also the fans from OGAE Denmark melodigrandprixfans. A record high number of songs were submitted to DR: songs. Tickets for Melodi Grand Prix are available on drbillet. Denmark has been participating in Eurovision Song Contest 45 times. Since its debut in , Denmark has won the contest 3 times:.

NRK and the songwriters of the 10 songs have selected the performers. A 10 second snippet of each song has been revealed, while the songs will be released in full length on 15 February This year the Norwegian selection will include an international jury, who will join the public voting in Norway to select four songs to proceed to a Super Final. In the Super Final it is only the Norwegian televoters who decide who's gonna win the honor of representing Norway at Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. Since the debut in Norway has participated 55 times in Eurovision.




Norway: We listened to the Melodi Grand Prix 2017 finalists and filmed our reaction





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  1. While the songs have been released on Spotify, at the moment they are only available to listeners in Denmark.

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