Danilo sacco concerti 2017

...a worthy cultural ambassador

danilo sacco concerti 2017

Event in Luzzano, Italy by Maria Perone on Saturday, July 1

2017    come si accende il fuoco

At the age of five, the musical wonder kid was placed under the tutelage of Shri Swapan Shiva celebrated artiste and teacher of Farukhabad Tabla Gharana and over the years he has been dedicating himself for learning other Gharanas from different maestros. He received awards in his early age from celebrities like Satyajit Ray in the year , Pandit Ravi Shankar in the year and from President of India in Training in vocal music from his childhood made him a competent vocalist as well. Subramanium, Dr. Balamuralikrishnan, Pandit Jasraj, Pandit M.

Three swing concerts taking place in a row, as follows: — concert at the craziest train of the world; — in the pedestrian street of Shkodra, New Orleans Jazz-Style; — at the theatre. The International Jazz Day will be celebrated in a conference with the participation of Jazz musicians and managers of several festivals from the Balkans, Israel, Italy, Switzerland etc. Although it is already present in Algeria, Jazz remain a type of music that the Algerian youth are still discovering among others. By becoming partner of Jazz Day, our ambition is to give a real dimension to jazz with a date and a place to bring together fans as well as curious music-lovers. In a pub called La Fada Ignorant we will reunite a group of musicians, professionals and students to play a concrete number of standards. We will enjoy a lot celebrating the jazz day.

Nomadi or I Nomadi , meaning " Nomads " is an Italian band formed in and still present on the music scene. I Nomadi sprang from one of the most fervent periods of the Italian music scene: the s. In those years an economic boom revealed an Italy economically enriched but already socially impoverished. Tens, if not hundreds, of groups appeared and disappeared attempting to express the voice of a youth who felt repressed by a society still permeated with antiquated conventions. In the same year Nomadi were signed by Frankfurt Bar in Riccione. Franco Midilli had to leave the group that summer for compulsory military service.

Musicians are invited to upload jazz solos on our Library! Join the new systematic archive of patrimony created from improvisations! From North to South of Italy, a unique program of concerts and events take shape in some UNESCO sites and other places of national heritage of 10 Regions with national and international jazz musicians. Jazz is the language of love, freedom, brotherhood. All musicians, friends, followers, are invited to spread love and friendship, to share our love for jazz. With jazz we can say everything and always get hope. Fratello Joseph.

Ramin Bahrami Danilo Rea: Bach Is In The Air Il titolo (Decca, 2017)


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  1. Musician, teacher, researcher and composer, Marcello Fantoni has always alternated his area of interest between research, teaching and giving concerts, paying particular attention to chamber music with guitar written by 20th Century Composers.

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