Concerto tiziano ferro 2017 bologna

Concerto Tiziano Ferro Stadio Dall'Ara Bologna

concerto tiziano ferro 2017 bologna

Event in Bologna, Italy by Tiziano Il Nostro Incanto on Saturday, June 24 posts in the discussion.

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Hello - this will be my 2nd time to Italy , and I will be flying into Venice and out of Bologna in the beginning of May I have been looking at different places between the two cities, and am trying to plan a good route using the trains or buses. One itinerary has 4 nights in Venice, a stop in Padua , 2 nights in Ferrara , 2 nights in Ravenna , and 3 nights in Bologna with a day trip to Parma. The other itinerary has 4 nights in Venice, 2 nights in Mantua , 1 night in Ferrara, 2 nights in Ravenna, and 2 nights in Bologna. I am very interested in history, architecture, art, food. Wondering which itinerary sounds best and is most reasonable and not too rushed.

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We asked Tiziano Ferro what he thinks. For example, I am a perfectionist, and this side of my character tends to cut me off from the outside world. It was not until that this still young man finally began to savour success, after going through hell in his personal life and suffering bitter professional disappointments. He came back to Milan a few days ago to launch Il mestiere della vita Urban vs Acoustic to be released on Friday , a special edition of the album of the same name which came out last year, but redesigned with new arrangements and a different cover. The scene is the same, but the sun has gone, replaced by an evening sky. Raising awareness But with such a huge public, does an artist feel a particular sense of responsibility?

Tiziano Ferro got married.
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Tiziano Ferro. Stadio Giuseppe Meazza , Milan, Italy. Bari, Italy. See all upcoming concerts Hailing from Latina, Italy, Tiziano Ferro born 21st February, is a popular singer-songwriter in his native country and has also found international success with his hit single, "Perdono.

Tiziano Ferro: I was depressed, but music and God saved me

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After my degree in Cultural Sciences curriculum in Philosophy I was eager to acquire the tools and experience to make a career in the world of culture. I graduated in March with a thesis in services marketing that allowed me to develop my data collection and analysis skills, named The effects of past experience and festival attributes on customer satisfaction: the Club To Club Festival case study. The exchange allowed me to deepen my knowledge on applied social psychology, audience development, marketing and accounting. During my fist exchange I perfected my French and successfully enriched my understanding of contemporary analytic philosophy of mind, language and knowledge. IELTS 8. I am truly passionate about the energy and the discovery of live music.








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  1. In June Tiziano Ferro is going to start his new tour, the second one in the stadiums, stopping in many Italian cities from north to south.

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