Sagra del polpo 2017

Num 14 Del 8 Aprile 2017

sagra del polpo 2017

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Holy Week Rites in Conversano.
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The various sagre or local food festivals almost always have their origins in old country fairs, sport events or similar entertainments. The sagre are organized and celebrated by the local people so the tourists can feel the real atmosphere of the countryside feast. The sagra, or local food festivals in Tuscany, is often dedicated to some specific local food, and the name of the sagra includes that food. For example, you can find a Sagra della Rana frog , a Sagra della Cipolla onion , a Sagra della Cozza mussel , a Sagra del Cinghiale wild boar and so on. Usually it is organized in the outdoor, like the stadium or the square. The food is cooked by the local people on site. How do the local food festivals in Tuscany work?

Our Levanto Events section brings to you the local current events, festivals, fairs and markets in this area of Liguria The seaside promenade in town. Levanto is a lively town with lots of activities on offer. Mangialonga : A not-to-be-missed gastronomic walking which takes you on a fantastic 7 km walk through the villages of the Levanto valley and their flavors. Until the event was held twice a year May and September , but since it is only held in May. The places are limited to 1, people so book in advance Centro informazioni Occhioblu Tel: It is a great event allowing you to not only enjoy the beauty of the local area but also taste some local specialities: - Focaccia con cipolle , - Pane cotto a legna e testa in cassetta, - Torta di riso, - Minestrone, - Rosticciana con fagioli, - Polpo con patate, - Fave e pecorino, - Fritelle di Caccin etc.


Sagra, or the best local food festivals in Tuscany


Levanto Events, Fairs and Festivals





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  1. Octopus Festival in the magnificent setting of the village of Pozzillo, 22nd and 23rd July , an event that every year attracts thousands of visitors among.

  2. The summer in the Cinque Terre is characterised by the marvellous fireworks of Portovenere.

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