Banca popolare di vicenza e intesa san paolo

Plan to resolve the crisis of Banca Popolare di Vicenza and Veneto Banca

banca popolare di vicenza e intesa san paolo

Banca Popolare di Vicenza (BPVi) was an Italian bank and currently a winding- down company. . In BPVi also submitted a plan to Banca Popolare dell' Etruria e del Lazio for a . European Commission also approved the state aid of Italy to Intesa Sanpaolo for the incentive to close down the branches of the "good .


La prosecuzione della navigazione mediante accesso ad altra area del sito o selezione di un elemento dello stesso ad esempio, di un'immagine o di un link comporta la prestazione del consenso all'uso dei cookie. The Bank of Italy uses its own cookies and third-party cookies to ensure the smooth functioning of its website: for more information and to find out how to disable them, users are invited to read our Privacy Policy. To proceed to a different area of the website or to select an element on a webpage such as an image or a link users must first consent to the use of cookies. The plan drawn up to resolve the crisis of Banca Popolare di Vicenza and Veneto Banca has been completed today. Following the decisions of the European authorities and in accordance with the Decree Law of 25 June , the Ministry of Economy and Finance, acting on the proposal of the Bank of Italy, put the two banks into compulsory administrative liquidation. Shareholdings and subordinated liabilities will remain within the scope of the liquidation proceedings.

The banking group along was the 15th-largest retail and corporate bank of Italy by total assets at 31 December , according to Mediobanca. BPVi was a multi-regional bank which had branches in most of the Italy regions, except Aosta Valley in the north, Molise and Basilicata in the south, as well as Sardinia Island. The bank, according to annual report, was owned by the public of more than , natural person The remaining portion of BPVi would be winding-down and being liquidated. The bank had two major subsidiaries, Banca Nuova, operated mainly in Sicily and Calabria , as well as FarBanca , a bank for pharmacists. The bank expanded in s by merging with other co-operative Popular Bank Italian : Banca Popolare of the whole Italy.

The intervention of Intesa Sanpaolo makes it possible to avoid the serious social consequences that would have otherwise derived from compulsory administrative liquidation proceedings for the two banks. Intesa Sanpaolo will acquire a segregated scope which excludes NPLs bad loans, unlikely-to-pay loans and past due exposures , subordinated bonds issued, as well as shareholdings and other legal relationships that the Bank does not consider functional to the acquisition. The scope of acquisition includes, in addition to the selected assets and liabilities of Banca Popolare di Vicenza and Veneto Banca, the shareholdings in Banca Apulia S. However, Intesa Sanpaolo will have the right to give these back to the banks in compulsory administrative liquidation, should conditions occur, during the period up to the approval of the financial statement as at 31 December , requiring that these loans be classified as bad loans or unlikely-to-pay loans. Its size leads to a phased-in Common Equity Tier 1 ratio of These charges include those relating to the closure of around branches and the use of the solidarity allowance mechanism in relation to the exit, on a voluntary basis, of around 3, people of the Group resulting from the acquisition.

Veneto Banca S.p.A. is a former Italian bank headquartered in Montebelluna, Italy and currently Intesa Sanpaolo, the largest bank of Italy by capitalization, announced that it would be interested in buying certain good . On 17 March , Veneto Banca (and sister bank Banca Popolare di Vicenza (BPVi)) requested a.
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Veneto Banca S. The bank changed from a cooperative society to a limited company in December Following a failed stock market listing in June it was taken over by a bail-out fund, Atlante. Intesa Sanpaolo , the largest bank of Italy by capitalization, announced that it would be interested in buying certain good assets and corresponding liabilities of the bank for a token fee. According to a research by Ricerche e Studi, the bank was ranked 16th by total assets , using data.

The bank. ECB decision. EUR 4. Veneto Banca S. Resolut ion. Wind-down under.

User name. Remember me. Acronym: BPVi. The bank has been foreclosed by the Italian Minister of Finance, according to the banrkuptcy law. Founded in , Banca Popolare di Vicenza is among the very first cooperative banks in Italy from a chronological point of view.

Banca Popolare di Vicenza

Intesa Sanpaolo ranked 17th in the local banking system at the end of last year, with assets of RON 4. Want to be up to speed with what's happening in Romania?

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