Niko lets go bowling

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niko lets go bowling

"Lets go to bowling" is a quote from the NPC (non-playable character) "Roman Bellic" in the GTA series, calling his cousin and the main character "Niko Bellic" to .

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Gta 4 bowling meme

Lets go bowling! Did I do

Roman Bellic

Roman : Niko, you do not know how great it is to have you here with me. Before you arrived in Liberty City, things were terrible. Niko : I still remember the emails you sent me, cousin. You should have told me how bad things were in this country before I got here. Roman : Okay, things aren't easy for us here.

niko let's go bowling

Let's go bowling. No Arrondissement. No I do not ne to go fucking bowling. No Pas. Never pas old.



Unlike other characters on the game, he constantly annoys you with: let's go play darts!, go Niko: For the last fucking time, Roman, I don't want to go bowling!.
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