Comme si comme sa

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comme si comme sa

Etymology[edit]. Borrowed from French comme ci comme ca (literally “like this like that”). The dessert was pretty good, but the meal was comme ci comme ca.


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This was the first Cypriot entry to feature lyrics in a language other than Greek , Italian or English, as well as the first entry from a non- Francophone country to be performed entirely in French. Evridiki addresses herself to her lover, telling him that she finds it difficult to live with him. She complains that every Monday he finishes work too late to enjoy her, falling asleep "just as my heart wakes up". He also promises that they will see a movie every Tuesday, but is unable to keep this promise. Following these criticisms, she explains that the unexciting routine of their relationship is too much for her and that she is no longer in love with him. As the chorus continues, it becomes apparent that she intends to leave him. The performance featured a full band, with guitar , drums and electronic keyboard.

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comme ci comme ca




Stephane Legar - Comme Ci Comme ca (Music Video) - ???? ??? - ????? ?????



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