Gabriel garko è gay

Shayne Ward - Thats My Goal

gabriel garko è gay

La sorpresa di Gabriel Garko per Mara Venier - Domenica In 16/12/2018

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Shayne Ward - Thats My Goal

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It is not the first time that Gabriel Garko photo must respond to the insinuations about his alleged homosexuality, but for the first time, he adds another, he speaks of something that has hurt you really. Gabriel Garko is always very private but this time confesses to her the truth, from cosmetic surgery to the desire of fatherhood and the pain of the comments that a year ago, struck as he would have never imagined. For the actor of many tv shows, the duty to read the comments on his presumed homosexuality, and duty to respond on this topic is certainly not a problem, this time we talk about it openly, but he is betrothed to the beautiful and young colleague Adua Del Vesco. Garko denies all but says that, if he liked the men there would really be nothing wrong with that. For him, it is one of those items that runs in a natural way on the actors, beautiful.

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