John cazale meryl streep

Meryl Streep's Husband Don Gummer Has Stood by Her Side for More Than Four Decades

john cazale meryl streep

Godfather Deer Hunter - John Cazale A Fine Actor Who Worked With The Best Part 4.

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Unlike her A-list contemporaries who often marry and then divorce other Hollywood industry vets, Meryl Streep is different. The year-old three-time Oscar winner she's earned 21 nominations married the love of her life, sculptor Don Gummer, 72, over 40 years ago. And ever since, he's appeared with her at countless public-facing events, always letting the Kramer vs. The pair first met when year-old Streep mourned the loss of her then boyfriend and Deer Hunter co-star John Cazale, who died of lung cancer in Shortly after his death, according to her biography, Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep by Michael Schulman an excerpt of which was published in People , Streep was kicked out of their shared apartment. Gummer was born on December 12, in Louisville, Kentucky. Gummer has earned several prestigious awards and has been featured in dozens of public collections and public commissions.

By Maureen Callahan. In , a young Meryl Streep was on the verge of becoming the greatest actress of her generation. She was also about to lose the love of her life. It was instrumental in shaping who she was as a person and an actor. Streep was 29 years old, a gosling in the New York theater world. She was living in a loft on Franklin Street with her boyfriend, actor John Cazale. He was 14 years her senior and a legend among his peers.

John Cazale

Meryl Streep is no stranger to success, racking up 21 Academy Award nominations over the course of her career, three of which she's won. But perhaps even more impressive than Meryl Streep's best movies, and the many awards she has won because of them, is her relationship with her husband, sculptor Don Gummer. Devastated by her partner's passing, Streep turned to a friend of her brother's, Gummer, for support.

The tragic romance that shaped Meryl Streep’s life

But, as it sometimes does, love and light came out of the tragedy — in this case, quite quickly. It was during their work on The Deer Hunter — his final film — that Cazale got sicker and sicker and Streep morphed from lover to nurse. For five months she accompanied him to chemotherapy treatments at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and barely showing her strained resolve. Never betrayed any notion that he would not survive. He knew he was dying, the way a dying man knows it.

From his start as a theater actor, he became one of Hollywood's premier character actors , starting with his role as the doomed, weak-minded Fredo Corleone opposite longtime friend Al Pacino in Francis Ford Coppola 's film The Godfather and its sequel. Cazale chose to continue acting despite being diagnosed with lung cancer. Theatre producer Joseph Papp called Cazale "an amazing intellect, an extraordinary person and a fine, dedicated artist". Upon graduation, Cazale worked as a cab driver, as he started his theatrical career at the Charles Playhouse , appearing in Hotel Paradiso and Our Town in We found ourselves wishing that there were more scenes with him, such is the enjoyable performance he gives: a comedian of the first order! Cazale moved to New York City and supported himself as a photographer, while looking for acting work. He worked as a messenger at Standard Oil , where he met Al Pacino , another aspiring actor.

The Story Behind Meryl Streep and Husband Don Gummer's Adorable Relationship


Gifted actors whose passionate but tragic romance was cut short by death. By Mahlia Lone. Everyone knows that Meryl Streep is the best.
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