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how i met your mother tnt

How I Met Your Mother - Dynamite Pack - FOX Home Entertainment

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Both Turner-owned cable networks have a full slate of scripted offerings, with TNT rolling out several new scripted dramas over the course of and TBS debuting three rookie comedies. Check out the trailers below and brief synopses. Public Morals TNT. The one-hour drama is a gritty, intense crime drama set in the world of the Vice Division of the New York City Police Department in the s. Premieres in Proof TNT. Carolyn Tyler, who is on a journey toward answering one of life's greatest mysteries: Is there life after death?

TNT and NBC have dampened the festive spirits for some shows this week with the news of cancellations. The fall TV season has been rather short on the cancellation front so far but it looks like the networks were just holding out until the midseason to announce which shows were on the chopping block. Legends was the only one of the three axed shows to have been in its second season. The other two dramas were in their freshman seasons. They are currently exploring new projects to work on with Harris at NBC. So far, this television season has seen few cancellations.

In “James,” Finn and Jake suspect foul play when their excursion to the Desert of Wonders with Princess Bubblegum meets a gooey, monster-y fate.
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Odum is a specialist who can transform himself into anyone he needs to be. He has a wife named Sonya Odum , but he also has a history with his assistant, Crystal Maguire. For the rest of his childhood, he attended the Sedley School in England. He eventually had a girlfriend until her death, when he left college and joined MI6. During the operation, he infiltrated the Zakayev family and gained friendship with Doku Zakayev and his brother. However, he eventually started dating Illyana Zakayev, the wife of the abusive Doku, who wanted "Petrovich" to help her and her daughter, Katya, disappear. One night, Doku and Illyana got into a fight in which Illyana shot Doku.

Audiences quickly fell in love with the South Florida girls and the network quickly renewed the show for another season. Claws is currently in its third season and received seven award nominations to date. Executively produced by Angie Tribeca and Rashida Jones of Parks and Recreation fame, Claws is not a true story, but the actors and actresses draw inspiration from real life. Based in a Palmetto hair salon, the series follows five manicurists who begin laundering money for a local mob. The ladies get a taste of the good life and end up getting involved in the wrong people as they try to build their own empire.


Pink Slips Fly: TNT Axes Three Dramas And NBC Axes Neil Patrick Harris’ Variety Show




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  1. The show, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Chris Pine, is inspired by the infamous Black Dahlia murder, but more particularly the story of a young girl named Fauna Hodel, whose mysterious origin may be linked to actor Elizabeth Short's murderer.

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