Last week tonight watch online

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last week tonight watch online

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Sign in. John heads to Russia to interview Edward Snowden as part of a segment on government surveillance. John discusses predatory churches and TV evangelism, the raising of the American flag in Cuba, the redesign of New Zealand's flag, and President Harding's illegitimate child. John talks about the Egyptian president and economic crisis, the Guantanamo Bay shutdown and Donald Trump. Michael McKean draws on his acting credits to share his best Hollywood stories as he plays our game of "Role the Dice. Watch now. Bias in medicine actually exists in USA and it really affecting the life of huge number of people every year who are seeking medical attention.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Add to List. No matter when a story breaks, John Oliver will cover it the following Sunday. Episodes Show Reviews Lists

Oliver has stated that he has "full creative freedom , including free rein to criticize corporations ". His initial contract with HBO was for two years with an option for extension. Oliver described his preparations for the show to an interviewer for The Wire : " I basically have to watch everything. The only thing I kind of watch for pleasure is Fareed Zakaria's show on Sundays That and 60 Minutes I watch for pleasure, or maybe Frontline I'm watching with a certain thing in mind and that is how to see a story told badly.

Breaking news, on a weekly basis. Comedian John Oliver satirically covers the week in news, politics and current events in this Emmy-winning variety series. The NRA's streaming lifestyle network aims to boost gun sales, often by using an ominous tone that would make just about anything sound terrifying America's reputation is being damaged by its own president. Forensic science used in criminal trials can be surprisingly unscientific.

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