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The following article is about the twins Lisa and Lena, the two girls who probably can do everything and have won many fans for themselves in a very short time. How do they live and what do they do? Young, blonde and cheerful. This is Lisa and Lena. The twin sisters from near Stuttgart. They were born on June 17,

German twins Lisa and Lena are taking over the Internet at a rapid pace thanks to their huge Musical. The blonde duo from Stuttgart started out uploading lip syncing content in the summer of when they were just 13; and, at one point, were gaining over 30, subscribers per day. In less than two years, Lisa and Lean have gone on to release their own clothing range and even won a Shorty Award. Not bad for 14, right? Along with caps and bags, you can also purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts and wristbands all with the girls' favourite slogan on and in their signature pink and grey shades. And it's no wonder items sell out fast, Lisa and Lena have over A huge number to say the latest and even more than Jenna Marbles has on YouTube despite being on the platform for over a decade.

Viktor is a strict parent. The name of Lisa and Lena mother is Lilli. The sisters like their adopted mom and they tell, that Lilli is their main role model and inspiration. By the way, this kind-hearted woman helps her daughter to make music videos for social media. In addition, she helps them to choose clothes for their performances. Lisa and Lena show their family members in social media quite rarely.

April ; Akt: Sie haben Tiktok satt. Die App ist einigen Usern zu unsicher. Februar urteilte. Je mehr Follower eine Influencerin oder ein Influencer hat, desto mehr Geld kann sie oder er pro bezahlten Post verlangen. Ziehen jetzt weitere Tiktok-Stars nach? In den vergangenen Monaten zogen auch andere Tiktok -Stars einen Schlussstrich mit der gehypten App: Comedian Bart Baker, der fast 5,2 Millionen Abonnenten hatte, hat seinen Account ebenfalls deaktiviert.

The twins Lisa and Lena are among the biggest stars who have created social networks in Germany. You are 16 - and surprisingly good. What does that reveal about the longings of teenagers? On her 16th birthday on June 17, , there was a gift from her parents, at which both first asked themselves what that meant. For each a booklet, the pages empty, for thoughts. Only: where to start, what to write down, in this life? This funky life of Lisa and Lena.

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How Teen Twins Lisa & Lena Became's Most Followed 'Musers'


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