The sweetman iginio massari

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the sweetman iginio massari

Debora e Iginio Massari per Cesarin a The SweetMan PRO


The first semester of has established Cesarin has the favourite technical partner for some of the best Italian pastry chef, known worldwide. The 6 appointments of the Cesarin academy tour has been reserved to an insider public between pastry chef, restaurateurs, bakers and ice-cream man from all Italy, to make Cesarin become a landmark for the final consumer. Has a real sparring partner, Iginio Massari with a careful look but with pleasantness, expose corrections and tips at his guests in way to create the perfect sweet. It is possible to check some of the realized recipe on you tube. As well this year has not missed the appointments to the principal Italian and Foreign exhibition:.

What are they gonna say about him. His mother a cook, his father a canteen manager, during his first memories we find him admiring colors, shapes and profumes . At 16 years old he was working in a bakery in the city center for a few months. His desire to learn pushed him into going to a canton of Switzerland where, in four years, he his first patisserie and choccolaterie experience. In Budrye he has the honor and privilege of working with master Claude Gerber. Here is where he completed his first educational pathway and returned to Italy.

The opportunity to test themselves at the side of the Master Iginio Massari has arrived. Monday, march 27, at A pastry chef is amateur, so far sustained by the congratulations of friends and relatives to discover if they were really his glory is well-deserved, put yourself to the test at the side of the Master Massari. And, while the protagonist of the bet will be engaged in mix the butter, roll out puff or mix pastry creams, they'll arrive on time even corrections of the Master to really create the perfect dessert. At the end of each episode do not miss the much-feared judgment: the Master, in fact, to establish the real level of skill of the pastry chef, with a chef's hat, as a representative symbol of the achieved result. If the pastry chef you will be shown to the expectations of the hat will be great, as a real pastry chef, if he has still to learn, but with margins of improvement, the format will be medium, while if it is a hopeless bungler without hope, you will have to settle for a hat mignon. They also will compete in the preparation of pies, cream puffs, cookies, cheescake, sponge, subjecting them to the judgment of the Master.

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On 23 July, from 8 p. The event was born from an idea of pastry chef Claudio Gatti from Tabiano Pastry at Tabiano Terme, famous for the secrets of his mother yeast, with which he produces ila Focaccia di Tabiano, his sweet symbol, and is organized by Video Type di Parma. It will be a free tasting where you can try more than 60 types of yeast strictly handmade, made with sourdough by the Masters. An initiative that promotes the consumption of leavened products all year round, seasonalizing a product too often associated with the imagery of the festival. This year there will be even more Masters of Mother Yeast who meet in Parma, called by Maestro Claudio Gatti as authoritative colleagues for this event in the Parma area, which, not surprisingly, is nicknamed the Italian Food Valley. Before the tastings, on stage, a mini talk-show presented by Carla Icardi, Director of Food Projects at MN Italia, will explain the importance of the selection of quality raw materials in the production of the products to be tasted and the use of a live yeast, which then makes the finished product always different, depending on the weather, with nuances and imperfections that make it truly handmade.

Iginio Massari: Un vero Sweetman!!! - Picture of Pasticceria Veneto, Brescia

Pavoni Italia a Iginio Massari The Sweetman

Iginio Massari. But pastry-making is not a game and precision is vital when making a dessert. Remember, pastry-making is both an art and a science. But at least those who read my recipe book can short circuit the tantrums and get straight to the heart of matter: after all I am the Sweetman! From the master of masters, the king of pastry making, a book full of recipes which mixes flavours, consistencies and ingredients perfectly to express the true genius of pastry-making, which lies in its simplicity. The recipes are explained step by step, with suggestions, advice and tricks from the expert so that even amateurs can try their hand at any type of dessert, from the simplest to the most elaborate that Italian cuisine has to offer, just by following the instructions on ingredients, preparation, quantities, temperatures and cooking times. For those who already know the basics and want to experiment, this book offers recipes to use as a starting point to then branch out and create their own version.


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