Jay ryan beauty and the beast

'Beauty and the Beast' star Jay Ryan on Vincent's inner beast, new threats, and fairy-tale endings

jay ryan beauty and the beast

Jay Ryan portrays Vincent Keller in Beauty and the Beast. This highlighted link will take you to Jay's Wikipedia page. There, you will be able to find his entire.

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So, they convince Catherine to try to convince Vincent, and Vincent is not too happy with the sight of anything supernatural or creature-like in his life anymore. What other roadblocks can we expect coming up for the two of them? I think the yin and the yang of having a healthy side of fighting the supernatural, the mythology side of the story, and also the intimate side of their relationship. And having those two aspects sit happily together so that Vincent feels satisfied and Catherine also feels satisfied in life and in love. He thinks, without this darker side which he has just managed to put a lid on, do they have anything else?

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Jay Ryan is a well-known artist who made his name from his role as Jack Scully in the Australian television series Neighbours.
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If you're hoping the latest version of "Beauty and the Beast" is going to be a tale as old as time, think again. The CW's version is dark and serious with a modern, military-experiment twist. Jay Ryan's Beast isn't furry or lion-like; rather, he's all our nightmares brought to life in one animalistic superhuman. HuffPost TV spoke with Ryan over the phone it isn't normal for me to pass up the opportunity to chat face-to-face with a handsome, talented actor, but not even the New Zealand-born actor could get me into my car for a two-hour -- one way! What's it like filming in Toronto? This is my home base, at the moment.

Years later, a case leads her right to Vincent Keller Jay Ryan and possibly some of the answers that she has been waiting for. Check out what he had to say after the jump. Were you doing the whole pilot season thing? The role I was playing was very intense, and they shaved half my hair off. So, I looked like this post-apocalyptic character.

But he soon realizes that the people who are around him, the ones he has been the protector of in a way, are feeling a little empty without this excitement and risk in their lives. He realizes that he has to fulfill who he is and his current purpose — and that is to protect. Immediately, Catherine is back to her old self — she wants answers — while Vincent just wants to pop the question and run away from it all. Red roses, candles…. Because in truth it would take one person, like, 15 minutes. But yeah, Vincent learns very quickly that in having this commitment with Catherine, he has to acknowledge what her needs and wants are. He gets to thinking that without his darker side and without this risk in their lives, what do they have as a couple?

Former Neighbours star Jay Ryan: I got my butt down to the gym for Beauty And The Beast



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  1. Jay Ryan (born 29 August ) is a New Zealand actor. He is best known for his roles as Jack In , Ryan was cast as the male lead in the CW's Beauty & the Beast pilot. The CW officially announced the series at the May Up Fronts.

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