Craig of the creek

Craig of the Creek

craig of the creek

Created by Matt Burnett, Ben Levin. With Philip Solomon, Michael Croner, Noel Wells, Ben Levin. Craig of the Creek follows a young boy, Craig, and his two.

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Craig Williams is the protagonist and titular main character of Craig of the Creek. He is a nine-year-old African American boy who lives with his two parents , his younger sister Jessica , and his older brother Bernard. He is best friends with Kelsey and J. His first appearance was in the Pilot. Craig appears to be extremely imaginative and lives in his own little world. He can be narrow-minded and impatient at times as shown in " Jessica Goes to the Creek " when he continually fails to make a catapult and ignores his sister's complaints of not being able to go inside. However, at the end of the episode he apologizes for being rude.

Previously, you could start watching any episode at random and easily get swept up in Craig, Kelsey, and J. In a pinch, the map will help get you where you need to go, but to Craig, its real importance lies in the fact that every entry represents a piece of the special world that kids in his neighborhood have been building together for years. Though none of the kids are eager to admit it, they all know that something or someone is out there with them just beyond their line of sight, watching them as they start becoming comfortable with the honeysuckle territory. On their very last journey to this special section of the Creek, their mystery stalker reveals himself in the most melodramatic of ways. Unbeknownst to any of the regular Creek kids, a boy only known as the Green Poncho lurks in the woods by the underpass, patrolling the area in an effort to keep other kids out for reasons that are unclear but obviously related to the symbols that fascinated Craig so much. After the Green Poncho attacks the kids with a variety of trick arrows fashioned out of scented markers and pencils, they book it back to home base, fearing for their lives, and for a while, the mysterious, hooded character disappears from Craig of the Creek The A.

The show's pilot episode debuted directly on the official app on December 1, On August 15, , it was announced that it was renewed for a second season which premiered on March 18, The series made its international debut on Teletoon in Canada on May 3, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Miller Matt Burnett Ben Levin. Main article: List of Craig of the Creek characters. Cartoon Network.

This summer has been among the most emotionally daunting of my life, but one of my comforts, as it was in childhood, has been watching television, especially cartoons. For me, cartoons have always been a way to watch unique adventures with fun characters, beautiful animation, and when done well, a lot of heart. That storyline is a slow burn, so most of the story is dedicated to both exploration and character development for Craig, his friends, and the world around him. Craig has such a diverse cast of characters that it feels beautifully inclusive and thoughtful. I love his two best friends.

Craig Williams

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Craig, Kelsey and JP spend their days exploring the untamed wilderness in and around the creek.
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  1. For the past decade there have been various animated hits that have brought viewers into sprawling fantasy and sci-fi worlds, introducing them to overly absurd characters and storylines.

  2. Craig of the Creek is an American animated television series created by Matt Burnett and Ben Levin for Cartoon Network, who had previously served as story.

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